See Pictures Of 15 Years Miss Chinwe Who Was Married Off To 45 years Old Mentally Challenged Man


Do you remember 15 years old girl Miss Chinwe, who was given out in marriage to 45 years old mentally challenged man early this year. The marriage supposedly took place in Ozubulu, Anambra state, but was rescued by the Anambra state government after their attention was drawn to the issue via social media.

Miss Chinwe who hail from Ihiala local government area, Anambra state, got the attention of Nigerians after a picture of her marriage introduction hit the social media’s.

According to the reports, Miss Chinwe was married off to one popular Igweilo family who reportedly lied to the family of the girl, that they are marrying her for their son who is a business man in Lagos State.

This marriage didn’t last for a day, the pictures of the marriage introduction gained a lot of attention and reactioned from Nigerian social media users, who saw the union has inappropriate and called on the government to take up the case.

Step were taken into saving the young girl from been married off to a 45 years old mentally challenged man.

This case got the attention of Anambra State commissioner of women and children affairs, who picked up the case. Miss Chinwe was rescued and rehabilitated, she has been taken back to school.

A Female child is as important as male child and they should enjoy equal right. Female education should be made top priority as Male education is, and they shouldn’t be subjected to early child marriage.

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